As per Google’s guidelines, it usually takes 5-6 months for a website to reach the 1st page of Google. However, you will start seeing improvement in your current Google ranking from the 1st month itself.
Your website needs steady improvement in the Google ranking at regular intervals (i.e. every month) so that it can reach the 1st page within the stipulated time frame. You would start seeing improvement in your Google ranking by end of the 1st month of the campaign. That’s what we guarantee. Once you see this improvement, you will get to know about our skill set and would be happy to proceed with us further and allow us the required time frame to get you the final result.
No, there is no contract/locking period to bind you in. It is all month to month. You try our services for a month, see the ranking improvement and then proceed with us further. Once you decide to continue, I would request you to allow us the required time frame of 5-6 months so that we can get you the final result i.e. Google’s 1st page ranking.
We accept payments through PayPal (world’s most authenticated online payment gateway) and all major Credit Cards. You do not require to share any of your financial information. We send you payment link and you can process the payment using your credentials at your end.
You will be provided with reports in every 30 days. You can monitor the work and the progress as well. However, you can also get progress report on demand.
Of course, there would be a significant increment in traffic. When the keywords will be finalised, you will be provided with the monthly search volume data. Being on the 1st page, you can expect that volume of traffic.
I know that you must be getting hundreds of calls everyday offering the same services. But we are different in many ways. We have proven track records which I would love to share with you. There is no contract to bind you in. You will see a guaranteed ranking improvement on Google from the 1st month.
There is a huge difference in the labour cost/man hour cost between the United States and India. Local companies in the US do not charge anything less than $1500/month. That’s the base price. You can get the same quality services here at a very cheaper price of $300-$500/month. Most of the US companies take projects at a high price and outsource projects to India to get it done at a lower price. Most of the US companies do not display pricing on their websites whereas we have a transparent pricing displayed on our website
There isn’t exactly a free trail but you can try our services for a month with your 100% money secured. If we fail to improve your current Google ranking by the end of the 1st month then we will refund your 100% amount.
Every company has its own marketing strategy. We have Email Marketing. We collect domains, make preliminary analyses on them, and approach them with right analysis data. This way, we are more specific about individual websites instead of approaching them with generic data. We can definitely rank you there on the 1st page of Google. We have proven track records.
I would love to offer you a onetime solution. But that would only make your website Technically Error free/Google friendly. I would rather suggest you go for a monthly campaign for at least 5-6 months so that you can get your website there on the 1st page of Google and it will start generating business for you.
We have designed our packages calculating every single required factor responsible for the final result i.e. Google 1st page ranking. We have chosen the right no. of keywords in every package in a manner that we can invest the required time and get you the final result.
I would love to give you a free trail. But in this process, we first need to invest resources/man hours/time and then get the result. That’s why we require upfront payment. Do not worry. Your 1st month payment will be secured. If you do not see any improvement in your current Google ranking by the end of the 1st month then you can walk away with your 100% money in hand.
Yes, we are legitimate company. I would also love to share few of our client’s details so you can check their current ranking on Google. This will give you a proof of our legitimacy. Moreover, we are communicating from our business email Ids with dedicated US numbers.
We require Admin/cPanel credentials to get into the back end of your website so that we can fix the technical issues and implement the required on-page factors. If you are not comfortable sharing your credentials then we can guide you/your webmaster to make the changes at your end. You do not need to share the admin credentials with us.